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Article: Don’t Stress! Find your prom dress with THIS prom shopping guide!

Don’t Stress! Find your prom dress with THIS prom shopping guide!

Don’t Stress! Find your prom dress with THIS prom shopping guide!

November 8, 2016
Prom season is fast approaching and finding the right dress should be a memorable and fun experience. However, sometimes it may seem time consuming and stressful. Let us help make your prom shopping experience by following our tips and tricks!
Ellie Wilde dresses 2017
Plan Ahead
  • Save your Money early. Prom can be expensive. If you’re a spendaholic/shopaholic like myself, you may worry that you won’t be able to save enough money for your prom dress. Create a savings account for prom. Put a minimal of 5$ in it every week. If you’re working, take ¼ of your pay cheque and save that for your prom fund. You will thank me later! Remember, a dress will not be your only expense for this prom. Save early!
  • Get an idea. Start looking at pinterest for inspiration, and check out websites like to get a look at the different styles of 2017 prom. By getting a style that you like, it will assist the stylists at elle couture to be better equipped to assist you in finding your perfect dress! The sooner you see a style that you like, the sooner you can start trying dresses on, and the sooner you will have your prom dress registered to your school, and hung safely in your closet.
  • Shop and order as soon as you can. Shopping for a dress too close to prom could be disastrous. Dresses can take up to 18 weeks to come in. This may leave you limited time to get the shoes, accessories, and alterations that you need in time for your event. Over time styles may also sell to your school which will limit the dress selection for you. Make sure to get in and try on dresses sooner rather than later. Many stores will do a deposit on payments for your dress and allow you to place the order with only half the money down.
No Stress Shopping
  • Be open-minded. Try on dresses that you love and try on dresses your friends or consultant suggests to you. A dress looks completely different on a hanger and I am a strong believer of “you never know until you try”. Many girls come in with one style idea in their mind and leave with the purchase of a completely different dress. Try Try Try before you buy.
  • Listen to the store stylists. The elle couture stylists have a great deal of knowledge regarding styles, designers, and have been trained to help you find the perfect look for your occasion. Trust their suggestions, they can help you find the right style, textures, and colours for your body type and over all look. Even if you hate their suggestion, TRY IT! It might and has before ended up being THE DRESS!
Final Decision
  • Bring your shoes with you. If you already know the type of shoe that you want to wear to prom then bring it or something similar. It will give you a better visual of where the dress will fall and how the dress will look.
  • Check your “prom group”. Most schools have a “prom group” on facebook. This is where girls will post the styles that they have purchased to make sure they are the only one wearing that style. HOWEVER, most stores, such as elle couture WILL in fact register your dress from the school that you attend to ensure that you are the only one at your prom with that dress.
  • Say Yes to the Dress! Ultimately your prom dress is one of the most important purchases thus far that you have made. When it comes to the styles, go with one that YOU are happy in. Take others opinions, but listen to yourself first. No one knows what you want more than you!

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