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About us

Your Style. Your Life.

Here at Elle Couture, our focus is on you and your style. We believe that your style reflects your life and life is filled with lots of special moments. We love being a part of these special moments for each and every one of you ladies that walk into our store looking to stand out on your special day.

Whether youโ€™re just beginning your journey as a young lady and looking for the perfect dress for your Prom, or youโ€™re an accomplished mother of two children thatโ€™s looking for an outfit to show off your fine curves on a Friday night, we want to be a part of your life by helping you find your style.

Over the years weโ€™ve strived to bring the ladies of London Ontario the best designer dresses for sale. This commitment has allowed us to extend our collections and increase our offerings from world-renowned designers. Each year since our inception weโ€™ve worked tirelessly to bring the best designs and dresses to London for you ladies to enjoy. You can find Elle Couture at fashion events around the world such as New York Fashion Week and various others.

Our hard work has paid off as evidenced by our extensive line of designers and dresses from world-renowned designers such as Rachel Allan, Tony Bowls, Sherri Hill, Tiffany Designs, as well as Terani Couture, to name a few. We can guarantee that we will find an outfit to match your style, and your life.

After operating for five years in London Ontario we have thoroughly enjoyed serving the community and being a part of many wonderful ladies most precious life moments, it has been a truly humbling experience, and it has motivated us to provide our services to you, all the ladies in the world that want to look fabulous.

At Elle Couture, we understand the significance of standing out, and we love it when our customers come back to tell us about their experiences at their special events.
Whether itโ€™s your first date, Prom night, Grad, or just a night out for cocktails with the girls.

Maybe youโ€™re planning for the biggest of nights, your wedding, and the most important ladies in your life, your bridesmaids. Weโ€™ve been there, as brides, as bridesmaids, and as mothers of the bride.

Make yourself memorable, and the moment, epic.

Now you can plan for your lifeโ€™s special moments and find the perfect dress, from amongst a selection of some of the hottest designer dresses from all over the world available, all at your fingertips while youโ€™re snuggled in your bed after a long day.
Or, perhaps during your morning coffee?

On your way to work?

Maybe while youโ€™re with your girlfriends up in VIP?

Our mission at Elle Couture is to always be moving forward, one heel after the other.

We will accomplish this in our next step, by taking the Elle Couture experience online!

Now, for the first time ever, our Collections and Designers will be available for purchase from the comfort of your sexy nightgown.

You can get your orders for Prom 2017 now.

This is your Style. This is your Life. This is your Elle Couture.

Elle Couture
1069 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 1W4, Canada
+1 519-680-7781