Removing your shoes at the door

Removing your shoes at the door

Now this topic can be tricky and uncomfortable on our behalf. If you have noticed at the front of many bridal, or event dress stores, there will be a sign asking that you remove your shoes before entering the store. Were not trying to see what kind of socks you have, or make you feel less than by walking around in slippers or socks. We the workers here, all wear slippers so its not a bias either. Many people get rather offended when asked to remove their shoes upon entering our store, or choose to ignore the rule and continue to wear their shoes. WE HAVE THESE RULES IN PLACE FOR A REASON. 

These are the following reasons why bridal and event dress stores will ask you to remove your shoes upon entry. 

1. To protect the dresses. Our dresses can range to a high price point, especially when looking at our bridal. When you bring your shoes in and try on dresses, the dresses stain at the bottom and are now ruined. Although many of our dresses are "sample pieces", we still sell these dresses from stock. Imagine falling in love with a dress, not being able to order it anymore, but the only copy we have in mangled with mud. Trying on dresses without shoes protects the dresses and keeps them in the best condition for sale.

2. What you step on out there, you're trailing in here. The outdoors can get messy. Especially this time of year, with all of the left over salt, and water on the ground. If you were to look at the bottom of your shoe right now, would you be able to step on your bed in those? The dirt and salt stains our floors. This makes an immediate affect and is not easy to clean. 

Please don't be offended in the future when we ask. We do have slippers to offer you as well to make you more comfortable. Please respect our store, staff, and dresses and everything will run smoothly with no awkwardness ;) 



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