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Article: 2017 what does your year have in store?

2017 what does your year have in store?

2017 what does your year have in store?

Every sign has different strengths. Here’s a simple success tip for your sign in 2017. Apply it every day to turbo-charge your life. Here is your horoscope for 2017 brought to you by "Astrology Club". You may also want to check out the Cosmopolitan Horoscopes for 2017. I always find mine very accurate!


  • Aries:
    Astrology for the Aries zodiac sign predicts that your mind is more alert and active and your energies are more grounded. Prepare for career success by taking new classes and workshops this year. You will get out and see more of the world.
    Tip: Organization matters. Stay on top of details and paperwork.



  • Taurus:
    Taurus sign in 2017 will have more intimacy and feel the joy of merging with another person. You will enjoy career success and speak with authority. Be disciplined with debt and borrow money only if you need it.
    Tip: Diplomacy counts. Be considerate of peers and employees. Focus on teamwork.



  • Gemini:
    The 2017 horoscope for Gemini warn you to take back your power in a certain relationship. Remember the only person who has authority over you, is you. If single, you will find your life partner this year. You will be in the public eye more than ever!
    Tip: Get obsessive about routines. Knowing why you’re doing something adds to motivation.



  • Cancer:
    The Cancer yearly horoscope shows that you will find employment and enjoy a better work schedule. Your health improves. This is the year when you will figure out what your true calling really is. Your pet will give you much comfort!
    Tip: Be adventurous. Stay open to new ideas and possibilities.



  • Leo:
    Tip: Nothing beats structure and hard work. Stick to deadlines and keep promises.



  • Virgo:
    This year Virgo is building a more solid foundation on the emotional, financial and physical level. Pay attention to your inner life. You could become a homeowner or a parent this year.
    Tip: Think outside the box. Innovation and an inventive attitude help you succeed.



  • Libra:
    The zodiac shows that this is a good year for Libra. Jupiter in your sign continues to protect you and bring you blessings through the autumn of 2017. It is a fantastic time to get a creative business venture off the ground. Your love life improves. You will excel in writing, blogging and teaching this year. In fact, you will be seen as an authority on a particular subject. There may be some drama with siblings. You may purchase electronics and perhaps a new vehicle.
    Tip: Get creative. Use music, meditation and mindfulness to help you get inspired.



  • Scorpio:
    The yearly horoscope for the Scorpio sign indicates that a burden has been lifted and you are transported into a brand new life. Your finances will improve and you will make a major purchase this year. Just make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth.
    Tip: Action is key. When in doubt, do something. Keep the momentum going.



  • Sagittarius:
    The 2017 astrology for Sagittarius shows that you are embarking on a total life reinvention. You will say good bye to outmoded situations and some withering friendships. There will be new responsibilities but you will shoulder them with grace.
    Tip: Enjoy each moment. Slow down to do things well.



  • Capricorn:
    The Capricorn forecast suggest that you are going through a reflective phase in your life. You will seek more solitude and the past will be healed. You may have to cut off some energy vampires. Make sure you don’t play the codependency game and end up as an enabler.
    Tip: Be curious. Ask questions, listen and stay connected to likeminded colleagues.



  • Aquarius:
    In 2017, you will be more involved in group activity and networking, Aquarius. Using the best technology will enhance your earnings. A platonic friendship could bloom into a romance.
    Tip: Care for yourself in 2017. Nurture your direct reports — but protect the people that matter, especially yourself!



  • Pisces:
    The astrology for the Pisces sign shows that you are moving up the ladder of success and don’t let any fears or doubts hold you back. Your father or a significant male could figure prominent in your life. You may receive an award of achievement in your career!
    Tip: Leadership matters. Take charge to get things started, and focus on follow through.
And when it comes to love and compatibility, check this chart out!
Hope this year brings everything that you were hoping for. All the best in 2017!

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