Hilarious Old Fashioned Expressions to Bring to 2017

Hilarious Old Fashioned Expressions to Bring to 2017

Sure they may seem a little strange, but old sayings and phrases truly are "the bees knees". Lingo has been around for all of the generations, and coming from a slang queen known to have a mouth full of "fall back's" and "neato potato's" maybe our generation should take a step back and listen to the words of our grandparents. So if youre interested in Would you creating an arsenal of old-fashioned words to drop, then read on for some of the very best.


Tickety-Boo was first used in 1939, and ultimately means that everything is alright or correct. Used in a sentence- "My date last night was great. Everything went tickety-boo."

"A Cancelled Stamp"

A "cancelled stamp" is a shy or introverted girl. While probably not meant in any sort of positive sense, I think it resembles someone who would much rather stay at home. (I feel that). 


A "gigglemug" is someone who is always smiling.  Was there ever a more perfect term for the happy, smiley person in your life? I didn't think so.

In fact, all of these words really fit the bill for the mood they are trying to convey. So I say we bring some of them back, and get our old-fashion on with a few new slang words.

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