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Article: Get Nude

Get Nude

Get Nude

With celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, and more recently at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Demi Lovato sporting skin toned/nude dresses, they are being displayed more on red carpets and the styles are growing rapidly due to popularity and demand.
Within the past 10 years, nude dresses have been all over the fashion maps changing from novelties to staples. The blend in the dress colour with your skin tone creates a sexy look that is "barely there", and leaves mystery while still looking sophisticated and sexy. 
As popular as nude is, it is sometimes very hard to pull off and has a few things to keep in mind while making this your selection. A colour that is off by the slightest has the potential to "wash you out" which could ruin your whole look. Another thing to keep in mind is coverage. Since you already have such a light dress, the amount of skin you display should be different when compared to wearing a bold colour or a print. 
These issues are easily solved by following these simple tips to making the most of your look and rocking your pale dress. 

Choosing the right colour

When picking out the right tone for your dress, it is important to choose a colour that will compliment your skins undertones. 
Nude is a very general term and while discussing, it could appear extremely different between two opinions. Nude ranges from alabaster to a deep mahogany brown. 
The average persons skin will fall under one of three categories between warm, cool, and neutral tone. To determine which tone you are look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Might be kind of gross but this gets to the point.
Cool skin tone: Purple/blue veins
Warm skin tone: Greenish veins
Neutral skin tone: Difficult to tell if the veins appear more blue or green.
If you don't trust yourself to get accurate results with "the wrist test", consult a makeup artist at your closest cosmetics store. (Shoppers, MAC, Sephora)
After determining which undertone your skin has, you will be able to choose a tone that fits you best.
Cool skin tone: Pale blue based, or a pinky beige. 
Warm skin tone: Yellow based shades. 
Neutral skin tone: Try both you lucky girl.
When in doubt, try it on! You never know until you try! 

Cover it up!

While wearing nude it is important to properly manage your skin exposure. Nude already gives the illusion of "a naked dress", so it is important to let that style itself as a feature. As much as you may love that plunging neckline, short length, or open back, it may take a dress from classy to trashy. 
To keep your look maintained, try less skin revealing details. If the neckline is plunging, make sure the hemline hits at least the top of your knee. If its a short dress make sure to offer coverage up top. 


During accessorizing many will match the tones of their dress with their selection. With that said, it may be difficult to stray from the light tones accessories. A nude dress is a canvas to the accessories you wish to wear. 
Pairing a nude dress with light accessories is a great way to offer a light and feminine look, however this is not your only option!
 If your nude dress already has details like ruffles, or lace that are feminine, adding jet black, or metal accents may offer that something extra you were looking for, and balance a feminine look with edginess. 
A good suggestion for nude dresses is to add a pop of colour. Something bright would add a little more. Red is a great colour to match with nude, Valentino always displays this to add some fireworks to the runway. 
Nude may also be worn with complementary shades of nude. This creates a subtle colour blocking effect. 


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