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Article: Time Is Running Out!!

Time Is Running Out!!

Time Is Running Out!!

No luck finding the right prom dress yet? Maybe you were just asked as someones date and haven't even started shopping yet.  Well hunny have i got some bad news for you.
Do you have a May prom?


Companies like Jaqueline Bridal (Tiffany, Studio 17, Panoply, Hannah S), Damas, and even Sherri Hill stop productions early. Sherri Hill specifically creates a certain amount of styles released November 2016 for the 2017 prom season. After those copies sell out, there are no more and the dress is no longer available. If your dress is not in stock, there will be a rush fee of 45$ to get that dress in by the date you request (May proms). 

I know this information may come as a surprise to you, and i hate causing stress. So here are some tips to get in and get out with the perfect prom dress last minute!

Physically GO in to a store *cough elle couture cough*

Although it is great to leisurely browse through an online selection of prom dresses, you no longer have time to do so. If you order a dress it can take up to 20 weeks to come in depending on the brand and the style. 
It is however great to have an idea of what styles you like when you go in to a store. So bring some pictures of styles you like and an elle couture stylist will help you find that dress or similar styles. 

Bring help 

A second opinion may be exactly what it comes down to. Although we will offer our advice, we have not gotten a chance to know you as long as a parent or friend may have. A parent or friend knows you and your individuality, this will help when seeking advice. They also might scope out styles that you would never have picked off of the rack yourself. 

Set a budget, Bring your finances

There are thousands of dresses in store. With that said, you may feel overwhelmed with options and narrowing it down may seem impossible. This is why it is great to set a budget. This will narrow your search options and help you focus on finding the perfect dress without other distractions. 
If you plan on buying a dress that day, bring your finances with you. This encourages you to put some money down on a dress and reserve it properly to you. This will also get you registered within your schools category. 

Enjoy yourself!

Prom only happens once, and you've been thinking about this day for years. If you have been shopping more times than you can think of this prom season, maybe its time to change the way you're going about it. You are looking to find a dress to wear to party and have fun with your friends in, so take the pressure off of choosing the perfect dress and know that there are so many potentials that will make you look amazing, but there will only be one you go home with. Choose a dress that is flattering and makes you feel your best. 



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