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Article: Top 5 Tips For Planning A Sweet 16

Top 5 Tips For Planning A Sweet 16

A sweet 16 party is an extremely special celebration for all girls and their families. It is a celebration to commemorate the passage of a girl into womanhood. The celebrations involve many ceremonies and festivities which are planned in advance by the birthday girlโ€™s family and friends. Just like a wedding, your sweet 16 celebration also requires adequate planning and most families make sure to start the planning early so that the occasion is well celebrated. Here are top tips for planning a sweet 16 celebration

Like any other major event, having a set budget is extremely important to plan a sweet 16 party properly. Setting a budget will help you to make the right choices, whether it is choosing an outfit, a venue, food or other aspects related to the party. As it is easy to get carried away when deciding on various aspects of the party, a decided budget will help keep you grounded.

Guest list
Once you have decided the budget, make a list of people you would like to invite. Ask the person for whom this party is being thrown if she would like to invite someone that you may have missed. Discuss with your family members when deciding who to invite.

Once you have decided the budget and guest list, the next step is to look for a venue. It is important to start looking for a venue way in advance. Venues are usually booked up quickly so if you are eyeing a popular party hall for your sweet 16 and wait too long to book it, the chances are it may be already taken by someone else. When booking, think about the number of guests you will be inviting so that you do not end up booking a too large or too small place.

Are you throwing a themed sweet 16? If so, speak to your decorator about your theme and explain in detail what you would exactly like. Give pictorial examples if possible. You may also want to decide on the dress, makeup, etc. depending on the theme. Make sure to buy the dress at least a month before to avoid last minute disappointment from not finding the perfect outfit.

If your invitations do not reach out on time, your guests may not be able to attend your party due to other commitments. Send out the invitations in advance and remember to request an RSVP so that you know for sure who all are attending. You can even include details of your theme if you wish your guests to dress a certain way.

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