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Posted on 12 January 2017

You Only Prom Once! And with trends and fashion being ever changing, it is hard to keep on trend with old pictures. Here is a look at some hilarious celebrity prom throwback Thursday pics!

Starting it off with Queen Bey. Imagine being the man who took Beyonce to prom? Trendy lollipop dress with cutouts. She's still slayin though, and hasn't aged a day. 

Next the pop princess Rihanna. That dress is still pretty trendy, and similar styles are still found on shelves. Good pick rihanna.

This lucky lady got to take Brad Pitt to prom! And if you ask me, I would still be his queen. #stud.

Not much difference in appearance for Blake Lively. The change in trends however...

Who doesn't love Ellen? Apparently her stylist..

Surprising to think her hair styles would be iconic after seeing this.  At least Jennifer Aniston's dress is timeless.

Jessica Alba looks like a french maid. At least her date is ecstatic.

Lady Gaga seemed to have toned it down a lot from the meat dress. 

Taking Jimmy Fallon to prom would have been my dream. I bet she laughed all night, and not because of his hair. 

Demi Lovato looks...great compared to everyone else actually. Maybe should have toned down the tan with such an orange dress though.

Will Farrell prom king? Or comedian?

Finally, Me. Those red killer heels dug so far into the ground, and my year was the year of "short prom dresses". Interesting to see how trends change.

Hope these cracked you up !
Remember, You Only Prom Once, so go BIG or go home.

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