Tips and Trick While Dress Shopping

Tips and Trick While Dress Shopping

If you haven't already started shopping for prom, then you're already behind on the bandwagon. The earlier you shop, the easier the whole dress shopping process will go! Spread the word! Some designers are already selling out on styles, and schools registries are filling up! With the added pressure of the late start, you don't need any more difficulties or stress. So here are a few tips for an easy prom dress process.

  • Determine Your Budget

Determine what your budget is BEFORE going to the store. By letting your elle couture stylist know your budget, she is better applied to help you find beautiful styles within your range. Dresses range in very different prices and its heartbreaking to fall in love with an $800 dress when your budget is $500. 

  •  Bring Heels

Many girls plan on heels for prom. If you don't that's no problem, cowboy boots, converse, flats, and sandals can all work too and your feet will thank you! Trying on dresses with heels will give you a better view of how the dress will fall and where you will need adjustments.  

  • Try On Everything

YOPO! (you only prom once), So why not go BIG. The amount of dresses that we have are almost endless, and the styles are all so different. So why not try them all?! That's the only way to get a full understanding of what you want. After all, you never know until you try. Get an idea of colour tones that work well with you and dress styles that compliment your figure. The stylists at elle couture can help you out with this! 

  • Ask About Undergarments

It is important to find the right undergarments, and can vary depending on the type of dress you have. An Elle Stylist can help you to determine what you will need to prevent any bra or strap peep shows on your big day.

  • Wear A Pony-tail

When you go shopping to find a dress, your stylist may be busy with other customers at the same time due to the busy time of year (prom season). To make it easier for them to help you, wear your hair up to prevent your hair getting caught in zippers or buttons, and it will save time for your stylist to get everything done. 


Happy Shopping!

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