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5 of the WORST Christmas gifts given in 2016

Posted on 26 December 2016

Shopping for someone can be very tricky, you never know if your gift will be a success. I've received some GREAT gifts over the years, however the following gift givers should have known better. TRASH.

1. "My sister once got me a bunch of makeup for a Christmas present, then proceeded to use it herself the next day. I'm 100.5% male, but it was wrong for her to use my makeup."

2. " I once got an empty DVD case. They took the movie to watch and forgot to put it back..."

3. " I was always self conscious about my weight since i grew up pretty hefty. Since then, I lost a ton of weight but still carry the self esteem issues I had when young. Anyways, my wicked step mother got me extra large underwear (i'm a small and shes a large). Don't really understand what game she was trying to play."

4. "Our family is Dutch, our uncle got everyone the first letter of their name in chocolate for Christmas, because that's big in Holland. He presented me with mine and said "Here you go...J for Georgina."..Also my name is not Georgina.. I'm happy for chocolate, I'm just less happy that my uncle doesn't know my name!"

5. "One Hanukkah my sister got a Blu-Ray player and I got an HDMI cable. I didn't have anything that required an HDMI cable and she didn't have a cable. I would figure my parents were thinking we could work together and both enjoy the Blu-Ray player together, except she went to college 200 miles away and the cable was only 6 feet long."

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