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Article: Flu Season

Flu Season

Flu Season

That dreaded time of year has come around again, flu season. And as much as I LOVE sleeping on my bathroom floor and missing two days of work pay, I feel as if there are better ways to manage. 

 So you don't have the same week I did, I'll give you some remedies and tips to avoid the flu this year!

Before bug:

This early 2017 flu is highly contagious up to 3 days of having it. Avoid contact with anyone who has it! If you do come in to contact with "the infected" WASH YOUR HANDS! That is the easiest way to avoid getting the flu. Vitamins daily is also a good way to build a high immunity system and avoid the bug.

After death:

1. A detox bath is simple to create and you probably have the ingredients you need around the house.

  • 1-2 cups of Epsom salts
  • 1 cup Baking soda
  • 2 tbs powdered ginger (or ginger root)
  • 1/2 cup sea salt (optional)

Draw your bath as hot as you can stand it. Pour ingredients into the bath and soak for 40 minutes. They say the first 20 minutes is to detoxify and the last 20 is so your skin can absorb the minerals. You should be having a good sweat at this time, be sure to hydrate during your bath. I drank two glasses before, one during and two after.

DO NOT put lotion or anything on your skin after and don’t eat immediately after (not like you can at this time anyways). Give yourself that hour to let your body do it’s thing.

2. Consuming ginger can help battle the flu. It helps clear sinuses, eases muscle pain and inflammation, and also detoxifies. A myth is that ginger-ale is good for the flu. It is in fact the ginger that is good for you and not the fizziness of the pop. Shake the ginger-ale to make it flat or leave it out for a bit then consume. 

3. Rest, rest, rest! The best thing you can do is to ultimately sleep it off. Give your body a break from all the hard work you do. Get tons of sleep and don't overexert yourself.

4. Drink tons of fluids. Always having something in your body will make it easier for your body to get rid of all of the bad stuff. Stay hydrated, orange juice, water, flat ginger-ale!

5. Until you have an appetite, try to eat things like watermelon, or popsicles. These things are mostly liquid and will be able to stay down better. When you do start to get your appetite back, chicken noodle soup is bomb, and has all of the nutrients and protein that you need from your few days being out of commission. 


Stay healthy! Remember to drink fluids and wash your hands!

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